Ballbusting Cam Shows

Your little cock and balls are of no use to a real woman. You couldn’t satisfy a hamster with a cock like that. But it is good for one thing though. Letting a webcam Mistress release some frustration on it. Cock and ball torture and ballbusting cam shows are what losers like you need


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These cruel femdom webcam Mistress will take sadistic pleasure in hearing your cries of pain and your pleading for mercy. They will laugh as you beg them to stop and ignore your grovelling and order you to whack your cock harder, slap your balls and hit them with rulers, spoons and anything else they can think of.

Your balls belong to her and if she wants to abuse them then there’s nothing you can do about it


Pathetic males like you are only on this planet to give a woman the pleasure of beating your balls black and blue on live cam. Your cock couldn’t satisfy anyone so abuse is all it deserves. And the online femdom mistresses of this site will give you abuse like you never thought possible

It takes a special kind of cruelty to inflict pain and degradation like these Dommes do but each and every one of them will give you a ballbusting cam show you won’t forget in a hurry.

After they are done with you, you’ll struggle to walk and sit down comfortably. And they won’t care. Beating your maggot dick and raisin balls till the tears roll down your cheek is all they are interested in from you. You can also check out our kinky cam to cam sex shows with top cam hosts who know how to explore every area of your BDSM fetish

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Can you imagine her standing on your balls, while she is wearing her huge high heels? Digging them in deep into you, twisting and turning and laughing at you as you squeal out in pain? She does not care, she could not give a damn about you or your feelings. More ballbusting cams here

You are a worthless loser to her and all she can think about is how to destroy you, whipping they balls, putting pegs on them, kicking them hard tying them up and then slapping them? This live mistress does it all and there is no going back once you cross her. Check out our kinky Uk mistress here


She pins you against a wall and stands in front of you ready to kick as hard as she can, she can see the fear in your face as she leans forward and whispers in your ear “this is gonna hurt slave” This is what our live BDSM –  mistress cams are all about

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